Heading 2

“Small Forest is dedicated to creating their own sound with voices raised, drums a beating, bass lines grooving and timeless messages shared. Their passion for nature, community, storytelling and harmony inspire and delight audiences wherever the roam.” Sue Demel- Sons of the Never Wrong

Jeanne Kuhns weaves mystical lyrics and intriguing musical patterns into a fusion of folksy blues and gentle rock wrapped in her brand of progressive folk. "She is sonically and stylistically something of a mix of Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and an acoustically inclined Bonnie Raitt " says Crow and Wolf Music.

"Small Forest" brings a fresh, folk-rock sound, and songs replete with lyrics

about nature, love, relationships, all wrapped in dreamy layers of music

that entertain and inspire.  This is a group not to be missed!  Excellent

recordings are highly recommended.


--Lilli Kuzma, host of "Folk Festival" on WDCB Public Radio from Chicago