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"Jeanne Kuhns- Beautifully Strange

I certainly loved loved loved this recording right from the first chord, the songs are beautiful, lovely lyrics, poignant melodies. So Effortlessly sung. Thoughtful solo stuff…love the guitar leads, love the bass, the vibes, the strings, surprising and sensuous arrangements. The instrumental and vocal parts are subtle and well rendered. Dreamlike chordally, melodically and lyrically."

Michael P Smith

"Small Forest" brings a fresh, folk-rock sound, and songs replete with lyrics

about nature, love, relationships, all wrapped in dreamy layers of music

that entertain and inspire.  This is a group not to be missed!  Excellent

recordings are highly recommended.


--Lilli Kuzma, host of "Folk Festival" on WDCB Public Radio from Chicago


Green Bay Press Gazette

Spring 2020

Jeanne Kuhns weaves mystical lyrics and intriguing musical patterns into a fusion of folksy blues and gentle rock wrapped in her brand of progressive folk. "She is sonically and stylistically something of a mix of Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and an acoustically inclined Bonnie Raitt " says Crow and Wolf Music.

“Small Forest is dedicated to creating their own sound with voices raised, drums a beating, bass lines grooving and timeless messages shared. Their passion for nature, community, storytelling and harmony inspire and delight audiences wherever the roam.” Sue Demel- Sons of the Never Wrong


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